Environmental Justice Summit

Planet Chambo curates an environmental justice playlist for Faith in Place’s Green Team Summit 2020. The Green Team Summit is an environmental justice conference that brings together over 2000 people across the nation to connect, learn, and inspire environmental conservation. You can rewatch the Green Team Summit virtual workshops by signing up at this link https://www.greenteamsummit.org/.

Big thanks to Faith in Place for showcasing artistic performances that inspire environmental, social, and spiritual justice. Revisit the community artists showcased at the Green Team Summit. If you are an environmentalist, please be sure to subscribe to the pages today’s featured artists to support their creative contributions in the fight against climate change. Enough talk now! Enter the world of Plant Chambo by checking out the music below one performance at a time.

North Park Village Nature Center ft. Dj Antonio Cesar & Lailah Cabell

Inbody – Treneti

Calid B. – Free The Watoto

I Recycle Anthem – Faith in Place Youth Program

Guerrera – Marisol la Brava ft. Quinto Imperio

Green Team Summit Environmental Justice Mix

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